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Bre K's reputation as a speaker is built on her ability to connect to & raise the energy of the audience while delivering an impactful and actionable curriculum filled with deep knowledge, passion, and connection.


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Broaden Your Bandwidth, Breaking Through Your Ceiling
Businesses start with a dream. You begin to forge ahead. But what happens when you have taken your growth to new heights only to find the ceiling of that growth begins to crush you? I teach female CEO's how to broaden their bandwidth and let go of meaningless tasks to free up time and energy for the VISION not the day to day and show you strategies on how to do it in this talk. 
From Hustler to CEO: Trusting the Vision

In this captivating talk, attendees are invited to embark on an empowering journey of female entrepreneurship and leadership. How do you transition from being hands-on in the daily grind to assuming the role of CEO? Trust.  I discuss how trust is paramount in this journey, emphasizing the need to relinquish control and embrace a visionary mindset for exponential success.

With authenticity and relatability, I explore the challenges, fears, and triumphs encountered while stepping into this transformative role. In this talk I empower women to trust their instincts, cultivate their leadership skills, and unlock their true potential as visionary CEOs.


Bre K. is an extraordinary individual, brimming with authenticity and credibility. Her exceptional expertise truly comes to life when she shares her knowledge with an audience. Bre has a unique ability to connect effortlessly, captivate  and engage with attendees, particularly business owners seeking guidance.

Kelly Allen

Mercer, Principal Vendor Ops Manager


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