Launching May 2024...

6 robust masterclass options... 
  • The House That Business Built
  • Goal Getting
  • Vision, Values, Culture
  • Leading With EQ Energy
  • Team Dynamics Unleashed
  • Complete Office Optimization
  • Fix What's Broken In Your Business
  • Badass Bundle (Includes all masterclasses))

Enroll in the Masterclasses separately or bundle them all!

Ready to revolutionize your business from top to bottom?

5 dynamic modules at your fingertips. Unlock your leadership potential, streamline your operations, and build a dream team for lasting prosperity. 

A savings of $400


Crafting Clarity: Ultimate SOP Writing 101


Learn the critical components of writing complete & thorough SOP's to fix what is broken inside of your business by utilizing if/then scenario based writing.

READY to Write ~ $399

Elevate Your HR Game 

Unlock the Secrets of Effective Team Management and HR Excellence with Our Comprehensive Course.
Learn the strategic framework to build a high-performing team.
Foster a culture of continuous learning and growth within your organization.
READY to Elevate ~ $299

What's the key to great leadership? Mastering your EQ Energy!

Transform your leadership mindset, cultivate positive energy, and manifest abundance. 

BE an EQ Master ~ $199

Are you ready to lay the foundation for a thriving and sustainable business that stands the test of time?

Learn the 4 essential pillars of entrepreneurial success.

GET all the TOOLS ~ $199

Complete Office Optimization

Revolutionize your operations with the Back & Front Office Operations (BOO & FOO) strategies. 

Streamline backend systems. Elevate forward-facing operations.

-Learn what types of clients are best for your business and why.

-Create a culture of Excellence

-Learn to use behavioral analytics to diffuse client problems. 

-Implementing actionable strategies.

-Define your brand.

Define your values, vision & culture.

This class has everything you need!