$997.00 USD

The EPIC Assessment

In this EPIC Assessment, I will meticulously analyze your goals and specific needs to develop a comprehensive action plan tailored exclusively for you. Drawing from my 22 years of experience, I will craft game-changing improvement strategies that are guaranteed to address any areas of opportunity hindering your progress.

My expertise lies in empowering female CEOs to shatter their personal ceilings by taking a holistic approach to their businesses. I firmly believe in examining the entire landscape to identify systemic issues and forge strategies that propel you forward.

What I do is not specific to any niche. It works for ANY business from side hustles to 7 figure earners to which I have worked in both of those arenas. 

It's important to have a second set of eyes looking inside your business to strategize what is already happening and/or create new processes that cut out waste and create efficiencies giving more time for you to be the Visionary of your business.

Don't let limitations hold you back any longer! Together, we'll create an unstoppable momentum, break barriers, and unlock your true business potential. Embrace the transformative power of this EPIC Assessment and let's embark on this exhilarating journey toward lasting success!

What you'll receive:

  • A detailed introductory call or onsite visit (if STL local) from Bre K.

  • A detailed Epic Assessment delivered to your inbox within 2 business days from initial call/visit. Including follow-up next steps.

  • One on one time with yours truly....I promise it will be fun!

  • Peace of mind 

Please note: there are NO refunds or exchanges available for this product.